Holding Company

Over the firm's 20-year history, we have developed specialized industry knowledge and deep relationships in our sectors of focus.

Our development philosophy and the business characteristics we seek often align with service-based businesses.

In many of these, the most important assets are the intangibles: the people, their business practices and intellectual capital, and their customer relationships.

Channels Network has developed considerable experience addressing these complex issues and is a leader in multi-channel service sectors, among others.

We also continuously seek to identify new industries or sub-sectors that meet our development criteria to maximize our opportunity set.

Along the way, we believe we have distinguished ourselves as a flexible source of knowledge and a value-added partner with deep sector insights.

We have experience as a major developer, and have created a variety of website channels and network structures.

Partners in our website channels include many of the categories and topics used by business and consumers daily.

We take great pride in building long-term partnerships with our website channel business owners.

Many people have asked us how Channels Network has been able to maintain its culture and results through the many internet fads and market cycles of our industry.

Our answer has always been simple—that we have been blessed with the best founder in the business.

Great Channels. Great Network

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